Get More Sales For Your Building or Home Improvement Business – Faster & Easier.

Long Table Optimised Marketing helps building & home improvement business owners get more sales through highly targeted digital marketing campaigns and proven sales strategies.


Imagine the possibility of doubling or even tripling your sales within the next six months with little effort. We are confident we can remove all your doubts about digital marketing and deliver measured sales results for your business. Our proven customer acquisition strategy will help direct more quality customer enquiries your way, with a higher sales conversion rate and with predictability week after week, month after month. This we guarantee.

The Predictable Sales System


We take a systematic approach to generating more quality leads and converting more sales. Having a systematic approach to marketing and sales is key for your business growth. Having a predictable sales system in your business will change everything — employ better staff, sell more high-value products or services and understand precisely how your marketing budget will turn into actual sales.
The best part is… It’s “all done for you”. Our strategies and systems are proven and we have results to show for it. And it will remove all the guesswork from your marketing and sales. So you can focus on growing your business. read more

Market & Competitor Research


We offer up-to-date customers and competitors’ research, to give you proper insight into consumers and competitors’ behaviour for you to stay ahead of the game. Digital marketing has indeed become more complex recently, the great news is with our services, you can find out about anything about customer behaviour, the industry trends and even spy on your competitors’ marketing efforts so you can develop the ultimate marketing and sales strategies to accelerate the growth of your business in an unprecedented manner. Identify with us now, put an end to “Hope” marketing and experience increased return on investment.

Website Optimisation & Integration


Your website is your most powerful sales tool. Don’t let yours go to waste! Simply spending more money on upgrading your website without integrating your marketing sales strategy will have little impact on your bottom line. Your customers no longer want “brochure” websites. They want websites that give them valuable insights and help them in their decision making. Don’t get caught out by so called “creative” agencies that focus on design, branding, and the latest technology trends… and have no skills to generate the right traffic who will convert into actual sales. We can help you optimise your existing website to boost your marketing efforts and generate more quality leads.

Advertising & Sales Conversion Optimisation


We have the right strategies, campaigns, systems and processes for the growth of your business. We don’t stop there, the real gold is in optimising your conversion rate from an initial customer engagement to actual sales. We always get measurable results from your marketing spend to ensure business growth and expansion. Our work starts where others stopped or fail to deliver results.

We help you

Get More High Value Sales

We analyse your current marketing and sales processes, research your market and competitors to develop a strategy to boost your revenue and online presence. Our digital marketing and systems development team will show you how our proven strategies can work for your business to double or even triple your sales .

Find Out If Our Proven Marketing & Sales Strategies Are Right For You?

There are some people we CANNOT help. In that case I will be 100% upfront with you and suggest somebody else or an alternative. That’s why we offer a FREE 60 minute “no obligation” strategy session (worth $480) to make sure our proven strategies are a good fit for you. If you are ready to take a systemised approach for marketing and sales, and you are committed to at least double your sales within 3-6 months, then take the BOLD step and complete a short application to schedule your custom tailored strategy session by clicking on the button below.

* Applications are extremely limited as we only take on 2-3 new clients every 3 months to ensure we can deliver amazing results for our clients.